Should I Receive Tips from Other Amateur Photographers

As a beginner in photography is very good to have a more experienced friend or teacher that may offer you tips and tricks in the art of photography. What about the amateur photographer? Should we accept advices from amateur photographers if we are beginners in photography? Let’s find some answers.

Me, as an amateur photographer

Today almost everyone who needs or wants a camera affords one. Because I like to take photos and record my memories during my vacations, trips and birthdays, I choose to buy a camera, but not a professional one, because I want that photography remains a hobby for me. As an amateur photographer, I have read a little the manual of my camera and then I started to use it. Of course, there were many situations when I didn’t know how to use a function of my camera. I was lucky that in most of the situations I was in the company of my friends and most of them had their own cameras. So, they give me some tips how to use my camera. Of course, they are also amateur photographers, but with some more experience in using the camera.

May I learn from other amateur photographers?

What can we learn from other amateur photographers? As I have mentioned before, I have learned how to use some functions of my camera in order to take pictures. My friends and mates give some tricks about how to use my camera in different situations: how to take photos at a party; how to use my camera if I want to take picture in a cave or if my camera is good enough to take pictures during the night. I think that we can learn from everyone, even from amateur photographers, when we speak about photography as a hobby. In most of the situations, the experience is the best teacher, so if you have friends that give you tips and tricks in the photography domain, accept them and thanks to your friends for them.

It is better to learn from professional photographers?

Considering that in most of the situations is a better choice to learn from experts in every domain, we consider that in photography is the same situation and it is better to learn from professional photographers than from amateur photographers. From amateur photographers, you may learn some small tricks. But from a professional photographer you may learn much more than that. You may learn how to refocus your object that you want to photo. Or you may learn how to use the light of the day to get the best pictures. They will be able to teach you that your camera may be set in order to control some aspects such as natural light, dusk, sunset light or noise of your picture. A professional photographer is also able to teach you how to edit a photo in specialized software.

Any advice is welcome in photography, even if it is from a more experienced amateur photographer than you are. But tips and tricks offered by professional photographers are more valuable.


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