Amateur Photography Tips in 1 Info-Pill :)

Most people consider taking a photo as an easy task, this is until you meet a professional photographer who takes very adorable and professional be honest professional photography can be very expensive due to the required paraphernalia. However, not all techniques are costly. In this article, we going to emphasize on ways of elevating you from being an amateur photographer without your having to rob a bank.

Before 6 tips, there is the biggest factor.

Bratty Sis Family

Bratty Sis Family

You could ask, what?! But yes, there is one very important factor that many amateurs totally forget about. Ask yourself a question, why would you buy a lot of expensive (or cheap as well!) equipment if you have no idea what to use it for. So, my quick conclusion is, find perfect models to take pictures of! That’s right – females that are willing to get their beauty captured. Sounds impossible? Relax, women are crazy for anybody with camera around, so they will be very willing to work with you.

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Here are 6 low budgets tips on improving your photography:

Composing yourself

Any professional photographer will tell you, having yourself composed is a very invaluable component of photography success. When taking a photograph ensure to consider the landscapes. A photo that is composed of the foreground and not just on the subject matter brings depth into the picture. Always consider fences, gates, and rocks as your start off points to your photography journey.

Lighting concept

Hardly is photography described without lighting, as most of landscapes pictures are differentiated with how well they are hour before sunrise as well as an hour before sunset are golden as this is the best time for taking landscape pictures, this is due to the revealed gold warmth, softness as well as the flattering of the subjects the gold light touches. This can be different in different seasons. Ensure to maximize this golden tip.

Using a tripod

Many great shots have been messed up with camera shakes. Camera shake messes can be solved through the use of tripod stands. After lenses, a tripod is considered as a very important tool. A tripod stand is not just meant for a steady platform but it’s also responsible in slowing down the photography process, this makes it possible for you as the cameraman to have a good and clear composure.

Be creative

Creativity is priceless. Creativity can be generated through different techniques and viewpoints. For instance, if you are used to taking photos from a crouched height level, this means all your photographs will have a single perspective. Try shooting from different viewpoints, you can kneel, climb up the stairs or from a building’s rooftop.

With techniques, you can experiment with varying apertures as well as shutter speeds. Using f/11, f/4, and f/16 interchangeably to make your photos more exciting as well as new.

The art of taking notes

Taking notes can be very useful in improving your photography skills. The notes you take can be of great help in terms of future reference if you ever find yourself working in a similar setting or environment. With notes, it will be hard to repeat the same old mistakes. Digital cameras have made it easier as their store dates of the photographs. However, a notebook is better


Editing is a very vital component in photography as it’s at this stage that you get to decide what photo you should delete or should keep. It takes a ruthless photographer in deciding effectively what photo to settle on. Remember weak shoots will diminish your strong ones if you are not satisfied with the shot to ensure to record down why and revisit the location for a second attempt.

Photography is a very wide discipline pick your niche and start perfecting yourself on it. As an amateur, I believe with the above knowledge you have learned a thing or two that can improve your skills. Success in your photography journey

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