Best Photo Editing Tools For Beginners

No photo is ready for competitive social media today before it is put through a little tweaking on a photo-editing program.

This list is composed by the best ones dedicated to beginners. Read on, tweak your photos and fall in love with the results.

Detention Girls – Perfect Example

Detention Girls - By Nubiles

Detention Girls – By Nubiles

We truly need to show you this case as the perfect example of fine usage of photo editing tools. Say hello to… Detention Girls. A place in the web, specially built by Nubiles, to show you what kind of behavior you can expect from todays’ girls. It can be quite shocking, it can be quite intriguing but the fact remains – you really need to give them a lesson. Watch pros in action!

Adobe Photoshop Elements

This version of the super classic software by Adobe is the simplest for beginners to use. It is true that it doesn´t feature all the specs that its bigger brothers do, but there it is very intuitive and beginner´s friendly.

Adobe Photoshop CC

This is the ideal software for touching colors and definition in photos. It is used by the professional photographers in the world and the beginners in their bedrooms. If you get lost in its many options, YouTube tutorials help a lot.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Lightroom is the fastest updating photo editing software in the market today.

There are a million free tutorials and plugins you can download for it and have it customized your way.

Lightroom is a great starting point because it is ever-growing and might be the software of the future.


If there is a free alternative to Photoshop, that is GIMP. It was created by photographers for photographers and all the menus make a lot of sense for beginners. Try it today spending $0.


The only drawback of this software is they pay-per-month pricing. You have to pay $5 for every month you are using it. It supports RAW files and is the closest software to the Photoshop interface you´ll find in the market.

Corel Paintshop PRO

A little step below Photoshop, this is a cool software to complement it with and do minor things. For example, it won´t allow any kind of 3-d typography in it.

Capture One Pro

This is one of the few software in the world that can make a fair match with Adobe. Some of the best-known photographers in the world use this and the old talk of Lightroom vs. Capture One never gets old.


It is light, useful and utterly simple. If you want to make minor tweaks and retouches in a great photo without too much color correction or deep editing, this is the software you need.

Plus, it is completely free.


Editing your photos had never been so easy. Take advantage of the tools that the 21st century gives us to make art.

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