Photography Basics – A Complete Guide

Photography is not just a hobby or a profession, but it is also a therapeutic experience where you capture moments that will stay with your forever. And, photographs are powerful. You don’t believe us? Take a look at any magazine, social media pages, etc., it is the photograph that entices you first.  But, not all of us are born with this talent. It takes sheer grit and hard work to master photography. Don’t you worry! We bring you the fundamentals to help you get through the first step. What are they? Keep reading to know more.

Unlike yesteryears, you don’t have to actually go out to find yourself a teacher. If you are passionate enough and own a camera, there are a plethora of courses available online. And, for a quick read, you will find several articles that can help you achieve success with your photography.

Understanding How Your Camera Works

The first step to mastering photography is to know your camera intimately. You must understand how it works and what produces a great click. Go through all the specifications about your camera. Watch YouTube tutorials that will help you understand its various features and technicalities. When you are thoroughly familiar with the working, only then move on to the next step. Take a week or even a month to understand how your camera works.

Automatic And Assisted Settings

Most of us get so excited when we catch hold of a camera that we fail to completely familiarize ourselves with its working. However, the next step is to comprehend your camera’s automatic and assisted setting. It is extremely important because it can help you capture some wondrous shots.

Manual Mode

Once you have understood everything there is to about your new best friend a.k.a your camera, you now jump into figuring out its manual mode. From shutter speed to ISO and even aperture, you get to discover all the fun stuff. Since you know your camera’s specifications and understand all its features, you can always take help from online courses or articles to decipher the manual mode. A quick google search will fetch you the results.

Examples: SisLovesMe


SisLovesMe – series where step sisters and step brothers play together.

If you need examples of good camera usage we recommend SisLovesMe series. It features the explicit content of step sisters porn videos, but you can find great pictures there as well. Over 200 episodes so it’s over 200 examples of how to catch this special moment correctly. Sis Loves Me debuted back in 2016 and is still updated to this day. Besides being a great example for amateur photographers it’s a perfect choice for a private moments that you might have.

Composition And Techniques

A photograph is a form of art. There is no right or wrong. Now, just like everyone has different styles of handwriting, there are different styles of photography. All you need to do is learn how to take photographs well and then you start discovering a style of your own.

  • The rule of thirds is the fundamental of composition. There are basically nine grids. Now, count the vertical three and the horizontal three grids. All your important elements must intersect these grids.
  • Position your camera in a way that it highlights your subject. You don’t always have to go the conventional way.
  • When there are lines and shapes surrounding your subject, you can forgo the rule of thirds and take a varied composition.
  • For a boring subject, trying including surrounding objects to make your subject stand out.

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