Today Almost All of Us Are Photographers

We live in the digital era and we have access to a lot of devices that we can use in order the keep our life moments as memories. And we are able to keep our memories not only in our minds or souls, but also as photos.

Technological development and photography

In the past, it was quite difficult for most of the people to have access to a camera or a device to take a picture. There were professional photographers that were invited to take photos to our anniversaries, birthdays, graduations or weddings. Taking your own pictures during your holidays was a dream in the past. But nowadays this dream seems to be reality. During the time, technology has developed in many domains and photography is one of them. If in the past every picture needed to be developed by the photographer and you had to keep it in a photo album, today we may keep as many pictures we want on our digital data base. And the most important development is represented by the possibility to take photos using your mobile phone or smart phone.

Factors that have contributed to our easy access to photography

Technological development is just a factor that has contributed to an easy access to photography for most of the people. Other factors include the computational development of our society, the reducing of costs for cameras and devices that are able to take a photo and people connection using social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. All these factors are extremely important when we speak about photography in modern times. Could you imagine a week without taking a picture and sharing it with your friends? Could you imagine a holiday without having your camera with you, even if it is a camera itself, a smart phone or an Ipad? I think that today is almost impossible to imagine such a scenario.

Are we photographers?

We have mentioned in the previously paragraphs that almost all of us have access to at least one device that is able to take pictures. But may we consider us as photographers only because we are able to push a button and record a moment or a landscape on our memory card? Or in order to be a photographer is necessary to have more than that? Well, there are many opinions regarding these questions. Some of the people consider that all of us are photographers, but amateur photographers because we take photos only to record our memories and share them with our friends or family. But there are opinions that consider that only professional photographers may be seen as photographers, while the others are only recording their own life moments, by taking pictures with their own cameras and smart phones.

Having access to a lot of devices that can take photos, we are tempting to consider that all of us are photographers. A professional photographer will contradict this idea. But for sure that we are able to record our life moments on our own and this thing is the most important.

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