Levels in Amateur Photography

Because nowadays there are many photographers, both professional and amateur, there you can find many topics regarding the amateur photography. One of these topics is discussing about the levels that you may find in amateur topography and the main adjectives of each level.

Between a blind amateur and a confused amateur in photography

The first two levels in amateur photography speak about blind amateur and confused amateur. Let’s see which the main characteristics are for each of these levels. As a blind amateur photographer, you are tempted to capture all the things that surround you. You are like an automatic weapon that shoots until the bullets are depleted. The blind amateur photographer is not interested to learn more about photography, despite the fact that he or she had the camera for a long time ago. And of course, the photos taken have a very poor quality. On the other hand, the confused amateur photographer is described by aspects such as a low willing to learn, a limited knowledge of photography and a minimal use of free editing photos software.

Next levels – a promising amateur and a wise amateur in photography

The promising amateur may be described by his or her interest in good quality photos and a highly understanding of how the camera works. The promising amateur photos are very good and they are trying to learn everyday more about photography. These amateur photographers are willing to invest money in photography. If you are on the next level in amateur photography, meaning that you are a wise amateur photographer, then you reachedthat level when your camera is your best friend and you discovered everything about it. Besides, you have already a very good portfolio and you have found people that ask you to join them, but of course having with you your camera.

The highest level in amateur photography – the obsessive amateur

If you have passed already all the previous four levels of amateur photography, it means that you have reached the level of the obsessive amateur. At this level, you are able to use advanced techniques in photography. You are not satisfied only with your camera and you want to have your flash off-camera. All your friends and mates are asking you to teach them some tricks and as a good friend, you are always there offering tips in photography. At this level, the amateur photographer receives the first job proposals as photographer. This is the moment when an amateur photographer becomes a professional photographer, when a hobby may become a job and a business. It is that moment when you may leave behind your previous job, if you don’t like it and follow your passion of taking pictures and earn money following your passion for photography.

These are the five levels that you may find in amateur photography. Which is your level? You know better, but the most important is that you are satisfied with that level. Otherwise, we recommend you to make an effort and pass to the next level in amateur photography.

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