Amateur Photographer of the Year

Every job and profession are looking to have its own awards and recognitions. But not always jobs and professions are waiting for recognition. There are also hobbies that are receiving awards and recognition. One example is photography, which is a domain that receives awards in both professional and amateur sides.

The competition of “Amateur Photographer of the Year”

Today we would like to introduce you the competition called “Amateur Photographer of the Year”, which is taking place in England. This competition is an annual event and it has certain requirements for those that are interested in participating in this competition. “Amateur Photographer” is the magazine that is organising the “Amateur Photographer of the Year” and in order to participate in this competition, you have to earn an amount of money from photography that is 10% low than their yearly salary. As a competitor, you are allowed to participate with one photo each month, but just one photo. The photos that you have to submit have to follow a certain topic that is different from month to month. The staff will choose one winner. The participant that is the winner of the “Amateur Photographer of the Year” wins £5,000, but the prizes consist of vouchers for Canon products.

Who are those that are evaluating the photos for the “Amateur Photographer of the Year”?

As we said before, the “Amateur Photographer of the Year” is organized by the British magazine called “Amateur Photographer”, a magazine that is specialized in the domain of photography. The team that is evaluating the photos send by competitors is formed by: Nigel Atherton, the editor of the magazine, Mark Jacobs, who is the group art editor, Andy Westlake, the technical editor, Lesley Upton, the production editor, Chris Cheesman, who is the news editor, Richard Sibley, as deputy editor, Antony Green as designer and Oliver Cotton, who is the sub editor. These are those experts that are giving the awardof the “Amateur Photographer of the Year”. As you can see, this is the team that works for the “Amateur Photographer” magazine and they are specialized in the domain of photography. So, we may consider that this is the best team that may vote in this competition.

The benefits of having a competition such as the “Amateur Photographer of the Year”

In the field of photography, a competition such as the “Amateur Photographer of the Year” is very important. Having such a contest helps the amateur photographers to become more interested in photography, the photos that they are making are gaining in quality and amateur,photography is coming closer to professional photography. Besides, because this competition is organized by a team that is specialized in photography it could be considered as a professional one. Winning this competition as an amateur photographer could convince you to think about going further and become a professional photographer.

We are sure that competitions like the “Amateur Photographer of the Year” may be very important in each country. A competition like that will improve the quality of photos taken by amateur photographers.


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